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Payson is unlike any other City in the world. Just 1.5 hours from the hustle and bustle of the Phoenix Desert, and you're in another world where the Town feels small, the people are friendly, the recreation is endless and the beauty is literally breathtaking. It's a place that in some ways has limited growth -thankfully - but on the same hand has limitless potential. And that's where we think Payson Video and Photo fits right in.

We took our expertise in video and photography, recognized by families, small businesses and some of the largest companies in the world, and formed unique solutions that fit the needs of the rugged people and businesses that make Payson what it is.  Payson is the achievement of a lifelong dream for our family, therefore every project we do will be completed with the same passion for you that got us to where we are today. Contact us today to get started!

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Josh Skehan has basically had a video camera in his hand since he was a child when, to his amazement, his beloved grandfather used to let him hold the old VHS shoulder-mount camera to record the family movies. Josh was immediately enthralled with the functions of the camera; zooming, focusing, being able to view life through a lens and sometimes from a distance. Josh used that camera, which he still owns to this very day, and other photography and video cameras throughout his childhood. He naturally became proficient with newer cameras and mediums as they rapidly advanced throughout the '80s, '90's and 2000's. Josh joined the workforce at 18 years old providing customer service and technical support for one of the largest wireless carriers in the US., quickly working his way up to project manager by the age of 21 by inventing and implementing company-wide best practices that saved the company millions. In that position, he found video production to be an excellent way to disseminate important information and recognize team members. That experience ignited his passion to pursue video production as a career. Josh then set out on a never-ending journey

of self-taught study and submitted a winning video demo which landed him an internship with a start-up video production company. Josh soon realized that video was not only his passion, but he was good at it! From researching and writing scripts to filming and acting, to the artwork and graphic design, to producing finished pieces and marketing them for retail sale, Josh once again quickly advanced within the company, earning the title of "Producer". That company later dissolved but instead of looking at it as a set-back Josh saw it as an opportunity to create his own company that not only provided great video production, but one formed on a strong foundation of service and problem solving forged by his years in the customer service industry. Most of all he wanted to create a company where he could deal with each client and vendor on a personal basis because Josh believes its the personal experience that helps create videos that meet or exceed the client's vision. Josh's interests outside of video and digital media include technology, nature, and self-improvement. Josh travels frequently but resides in Payson, Arizona with the wife and 2 children of his dreams.