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The Creation of Payson Video and Photo

Updated: Jan 21

Here are some photos taken in Payson and Rim Country during our first attempts to capture images of the Town for use in the creation of our website and initial marketing efforts.

As a professional videographer and photographer, I see opportunities for pictures everywhere. The thing I find most difficult when taking videos and photos in Payson is...where to start? There is beauty on every corner. The key for me is to live in the moment and always be prepared for inspiration to spark.

The key for me is to live in the moment and always be prepared for inspiration to spark.

I find that strategy as useful in work as I do in life. You come in prepared, you come in with a plan, but also come in ready for inspiration to happen at any time. For example: I once was producing videos and photos for a resort, we were capturing their hotel rooms. On one day, a family accidentally tried to enter the wrong room, the one we were filming in. We struck up a conversation witih them and long story short we were able to provide them with some complimentary services at the resort in exchange for being extras on the video. And, it ended up being some of the best footage we captured.

By living in the moment, taking a few minutes to chat with some people that crossed our path, it ended up being a big benefit to our work and a wonderful memory for that family to cherish. That attitude of professionalism and flexibilty, we have on every project, and will provide to you.

Josh Skehan

Payson Video and Photo

1000 N. Beeline Hwy, Ste. #133

Payson, AZ 85541











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Payson Video and Photo

1000 N Beeline Hwy, Ste. #133
Payson, Arizona 85541



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